Monday, December 27, 2010

What? Yet Another Blog? Why?

At one time or another I have written a lot of nonsense and a lot that didn't strike me as nonsensical, however much I might be in the minority. Some items I wrote for pleasure, some out of whimsey, some out of passion, some out of confusion. Most of it I wrote in dialogue with internal cacophony.
I greatly prefer dialogue with someone other than myself, and if you happen to wish to contribute, feel welcome; that is the reason for the blog title, worn threadbare as it probably is by other authors with equal faith in their own originality. 
Note that I do not write as an authority; for one thing I am no authority. Many friends however have expressed interest in things that I write and I in my turn am sure that they can contribute more than they gain.
So, to put it in a nutshell, friends (not necessarily friends that agree with what I say) are welcome, and so are their opinions. In the next few days or weeks, for a start, I shall post various items that I have written in recent decades, and things that I have partly written, to see whether there is enough interest to justify completing them.
As for the appearance of the blog, we'll see. I don't yet know this system well enough to put in pretties!


  1. Agreed. So many blogs, so little time. I actually prefer to google about things I know too little about, mainly new findings in science, in order to use it in my own writing. Writing for the sake of making peace with past experiences.

    1. Incidentally (doing a bit of housekeeping) feel welcome to rattle my cage if you would like to discuss the relevance of science to your writing --or peace.

  2. And very welcome input, thanks. Opening the information floodgates makes it difficult to find rewarding contacts, especially specific contacts.