Monday, December 27, 2010

What? Yet Another Blog? Why?

At one time or another I have written a lot of nonsense and a lot that didn't strike me as nonsensical, however much I might be in the minority. Some items I wrote for pleasure, some out of whimsey, some out of passion, some out of confusion. Most of it I wrote in dialogue with internal cacophony.
I greatly prefer dialogue with someone other than myself, and if you happen to wish to contribute, feel welcome; that is the reason for the blog title, worn threadbare as it probably is by other authors with equal faith in their own originality. 
Note that I do not write as an authority; for one thing I am no authority. Many friends however have expressed interest in things that I write and I in my turn am sure that they can contribute more than they gain.
So, to put it in a nutshell, friends (not necessarily friends that agree with what I say) are welcome, and so are their opinions. In the next few days or weeks, for a start, I shall post various items that I have written in recent decades, and things that I have partly written, to see whether there is enough interest to justify completing them.
As for the appearance of the blog, we'll see. I don't yet know this system well enough to put in pretties!